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100% of AirCell® Cables Made in Mississippi.


AirCell® Plenum Cables are used most frequently used in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Trilogy offers AirCell® Plenum and AirCell® Plenum Radiating in 1/2″ diameter size. You also have your choice of both Aluminum and Copper Outer Conductor DAS cables, both of which outperform all other published plenum cable specifications in the industry. Backed by a guaranteed three day lead time, our high quality Trilogy AirCell® Plenum is the best choice on the market. AirCell® In-Conduit Cables incorporate all the same design benefits for oDAS applications. AirCell® Cables are 100% Made in America!


AirCell® Radiating Cables are used in RF Confined areas, such as Subways and Metros, Roadway Tunnels, Mines, Dams and Airports where conventional communications systems are too costly and unreliable. Trilogy AirCell® Radiating is available in 1/2″, 7/8″, 1-1/4″ and 1-5/8″ diameters to meet any link budget or fire code requirement. With excellent Attenuation and Coupling Loss values, combined with superior durability and lead times, AirCell® Radiating Cable is the top choice of Transit Authorities around the world. AirCell® Cables are 100% Made in America!


AirCell® Transline Cables are mainly used for Tower and Rooftop Applications, outdoors and in stadiums, as well as feeder cable to equipment rooms. Trilogy provides AirCell® Transline in 1/2″, 7/8″, 1-1/4″ and 1-5/8″ diameter sizes. You also have the option of multiple jackets, ranging from UV Outdoor Rated Black Polyethylene, Fire Retardant, NFPA-130 & NFPA-502 Compliant and Riser Rated. Utilizing the unique air dielectric disc design, Trilogy AirCell® Transline is the lightest weight and most durable tower cable on the market. AirCell® Cables are 100% Made in America!