August 11th, 2021


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Trilogy Communications, Inc., Announces UL 2196 Certification for StandAlone High Temperature Plenum Cable


Pearl, Miss. (August 11, 2021) – Trilogy Communications, Inc., a leading designer,  manufacturer, and marketer of highly specialized coaxial cable for advanced government and  commercial wireless communication, and advanced networks, has announced the fire-resistive UL 2196 certification of their RediComm™ High-Temperature Plenum Cable. This product is the  first self-sustained 1⁄2” 50 Ohm coaxial cable from Trilogy Communications to be UL 2196  Certified. The UL 2196 certification is an important attribute where the integrity of a building’s communication cables, such as those used for emergency response, needs to be maintained to sustain a signal connection when subjected to extreme conditions.  


The testing and certification were conducted by Intertek, a global safety certification company  known for testing many of today’s latest technologies.  


Testing mimics an environment that would be present during a building fire. The cables are  exposed to varying temperatures up to 1850°F for two hours. Afterward, the cable is then subjected to a pressurized hose stream of water. All circuits must work to pass. Trilogy’s cable  passed five out of five tests to receive certification. 


“This plenum cable has the same basic characteristics as our other ½” coax cables as far as  physical bend radiuses, so it’s still easy to install,” said Bruce Deer, Chief Executive Officer of  Trilogy Communications. “It is certified to withstand a high temperature in case of a fire without additional wraps or insulation material, or having to put it into a special pathway that’s  protected from the fire itself. When installed properly, this product will help to protect the lives  of first responders.” 


Production on the RediComm™ cable is already underway at Trilogy’s 225,000 square foot  manufacturing facility in Pearl, Mississippi, and stock is available for August shipment. Deer says  the cable will be a high performance and cost-effective alternative to other products currently  available on the market. 


About Trilogy Communications, Inc. 


Trilogy Communications designs and manufactures specialized, engineered coaxial cables and  related accessories used in commercial, industrial, and municipal wireless communications  systems, networking applications, and infrastructure projects. The Company serves a worldwide  customer base. Trilogy’s manufacturing operations and corporate offices are located in the 
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