June 14, 2019


Will Bodnar

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Trilogy Communications, Inc. Releases First UL 2196 Communications Cable Assembly Solution RediCommHigh Temperature Plenum Cable for Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS)


Jackson, MS – June 14, 2019 – Trilogy Communications, Inc., a U.S. based cable manufacturer, has announced the release of the first UL 2196 communications cable assembly solution for Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS). RediComm™ High Temperature 1/2″ Plenum Cables have an easy to identify red colored, plenum rated jacket for Public Safety DAS deployments.


Today’s In-building Communications Systems primarily use coaxial cables to distribute Radio Frequency (RF) signals throughout a building. The applicable fire codes are interpreted as requiring the cables to survive the two-hour circuit integrity testing method per the UL 2196 Standard. Industry standard plenum cables are manufactured with materials which structurally fail around 300°F, rendering them non-functional for transmission of RF signals. To meet the two-hour requirement, many Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) are requiring protective assemblies that include installing the cable inside rigid steel conduit and wrapping it with up to five layers of a thermal protective barrier. Trilogy has developed a high temperature plenum cable (part number APH012J50) which is stable, on its own, up to 1100°F; and meets the two-hour fire test requirement when protected by only three layers of a thermal protective barrier. The result is a solution which not only operates at much higher temperatures than standard plenum cables, but is significantly more cost effective to deploy. Some of the many benefits of Trilogy’s AirCell® RediComm™ High Temperature Plenum Cable include:


  • Last 3x Longer Compared to Standard Plenum Cables
  • Cost Savings Up to 60% (3 wraps vs standard plenum 5 wraps)
  • Easy to Identify – Red Cable for ERRCS
  • CMP/NFPA 262 Compliant – Plenum Rated, ETL Listed
  • 100% Made in America – Buy America (Title 49 Compliant)
  • Found in iBwave Design Software – AIRCELL-TRILOGY (vex filename)


To learn more about how Trilogy AirCell® RediComm™ High Temperature Plenum Cable maintains continuous communications during the two-hour UL 2196 burn test and is more cost effective than standard plenum cable installations, please read our white paper and review the product specifications.


Read the White Paper                                   View Product Specifications


Please contact Will Bodnar at or 717-201-1829 for a copy of the NRTL certified test report.


Trilogy Communications, Inc. manufactures technologically advanced coaxial cables for wireless applications. 100% of Trilogy’s AirCell® product lines are made in the U.S.A. Its TL 9000/ISO-9001 manufacturing plant and corporate office is located in the Jackson, Mississippi metropolitan area.