Transit systems are used by tens of thousands of individuals on a daily basis. Commuting to and from work on Subways and Trains is a crucial necessity for a large portion of the population in major metropolitan areas of the world.


This crucial piece of infrastructure provides a welcome service to passengers and freight alike, and having reliable communications systems to monitor and service these complex operations are a key component to their continued success. Unfortunately, a majority of these systems are built underground, creating design challenges in RF Confined environments where traditional methods and equipment won’t work effectively. These same underground environments are also notoriously harsh and susceptible to rigorous elements not seen in other communications deployments.

Trilogy Communications understands the variety of challenges that are presented in Transit applications. To that end, we designed our AirCell® Cable products with the industry’s best flat plate crush and tensile strength paired along with superior RF performance, to guarantee the highest quality DAS communications system. Explore some of the cable and jumper product options highlighted below.

Trilogy Communications is a leading telecommunications cable manufacturer. Whether your project is Public Safety or Commercial Carrier focused, we have optimized transit cable products to perform phenomenally at your frequencies of concern.


Radiating Cable

NFPA-130 & 502 Compliant (2017)


Transline Cable

1/2″ & 7/8″ Feeder Line Runs

Half Inch Jumper

1/2″ Jumper Cables

Thermal Expansion & Transition



PIM Rated & Easy to Install

For more information on which products best fit your application, please contact your Regional Sales Director.