Public Safety

Public Safety Networks are critical communications for life safety. Every day, we civilians, rely heavily on the dedicated work of the brave men and women of our local Police and Fire Departments. These First Responders, in turn, rely on high quality custom communications networks to be able to perform their duties appropriately.


In the event of an emergency or disaster, it is paramount that local, state and federal authorities have reliable communications networks built from the best materials so that they can take action swiftly and effectively at the time that duty calls.


As a leading telecommunications cable manufacturer, Trilogy Communications is proud to do our part in helping provide the key components that go into these Public Safety systems. Take some time to review just a few of the potential product offerings from Trilogy that can help you build out the next great First Responder DAS network.


Plenum Cable

1/2″ Aluminum or Copper

JPF014NMNM Cable Picture

Plenum Jumpers

1/4″ Plenum Rated, Low PIM


Transline Cable

Fire Rated & Riser Rated



PIM Rated & Easy to Install

For more information on which products best fit your application, please contact your Regional Sales Director.