Large Venue DAS

Sports Venues, Arenas and Concert Halls pack tens of thousands of patrons into one space, resulting in a crush on commercial cellular network capacity.


Thankfully, Trilogy Communications is a leading telecommunications cable manufacturer that has the transmission cable and jumper products you need to help build and deploy a dedicated custom Distributed Antenna System within a large venue space to ensure connectivity and an enjoyable customer experience all around.


With approvals from all the US based Tier 1 Cellular Carriers, and industry leading RF Performance and Lead Times, Trilogy Communications products make the design and installation of your DAS simple, fast and hassle free.


Build your BOM in minutes with Trilogy’s easy to find product families laid out below.


Plenum Cable

1/2″ Aluminum or Copper

JPF014NMNM Cable Picture

Plenum Jumpers

1/4″ Plenum Rated, Low PIM


Transline Cable

Fire Rated & Riser Rated



PIM Rated & Easy to Install

For more information on which products best fit your application, please contact your Regional Sales Director.