Commercial Office Space and High-Rise Buildings are the next wave in the overall DAS buildout focus.


Cellular Connectivity is now being seen as another utility in any office or living space, similar to Central Air and Running Water. Ensuring that the clients or tenants inhabiting the space are satisfied with their cellular network performance is critical in maintaining leases and revenues.


Local Codes are also starting to dictate that each space be equipped with fully redundant Public Safety Networks for First Responder situations. As a leading telecommunications cable manufacturer, Trilogy Communications has a full portfolio of low-smoke cable products to assist in any network buildout, big or small. Let us help you find the correct products for your Enterprise project and public safety with the options listed below.


Plenum Cable

1/2″ Aluminum or Copper

JPF014NMNM Cable Picture

Plenum Jumpers

1/4″ Plenum Rated, Low PIM


Transline Cable

Fire Rated & Riser Rated



PIM Rated & Easy to Install

For more information on which products best fit your application, please contact your Regional Sales Director.