Today’s College Students are just as likely to rely on their smartphones and electronic tablets, as they are their textbooks and notepads.


Millenials reliance on technology is second to none and College Campuses across the country and the globe are embracing the need for better communication networks to balance out rising tuition costs, as well room and board. It is also a major recruiting tool for the best and brightest to build the next generation of celebrated alumni.


As a leading telecommunications cable manufacturer, Trilogy Communications’ portfolio of products covers all your design and installation needs for the dedicated DAS networks that will let students stream music, text, and talk on their devices during the walks across campus and in between studying. See a few of the key options listed below.


Plenum Cable

1/2″ Aluminum or Copper

JPF014NMNM Cable Picture

Plenum Jumpers

1/4″ Plenum Rated, Low PIM


Transline Cable

Fire Rated & Riser Rated



PIM Rated & Easy to Install

For more information on which products best fit your application, please contact your Regional Sales Director.